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M.J. Bangkok Valve & Fitting Co., Ltd.

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Plant Maintenance and Efficiency

Swagelok associate inspecting plant tubing system

Plant Maintenance and Efficiency

View a brochure of all our Swagelok Field Services including Training and Education and Evaluation and Advisory Services.

Swagelok can help your plant run better with:

Energy Management

Losing steam or compressed gases to leaks out of your plant? Do you know how much it is costing you? Find out with a thorough system audit from your local Swagelok sales and service center. They can help you conduct a detailed assessment of your plant’s fluid systems and components, document and tag areas needing attention, and share best practices in repairing and maintaining your plant’s systems to deliver top performance.

Steam System Optimization Training

Steam plays a critical role in a vast range of industrial processes. It’s also expensive to produce, but those expenses can be managed with best practices that improve system efficiency and keep maintenance costs in line. Swagelok offers several levels of steam training to help you optimize your steam system. 

Hose Advisory Service

Tired of spending limited budgets continuously replacing the same damaged or worn hoses? Are hose related problems costing your plant money from unplanned downtime or wasted products? Let your local sales and service representative tell you about Swagelok Hose Advisory Services. A factory-trained advisor can visit your site and work with you to best understand your needs and goals for improving your hose systems.