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M.J. Bangkok Valve & Fitting Co., Ltd.

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Swagelok Certified Training

Swagelok welding system training class

Your Resource for Expert Knowledge and Training

Swagelok's  training and education programs provide our customers with a range of valuable and practical tools for meeting day-to-day challenges and keeping up with the latest fluid system technologies. From an array of in-depth courses taught by expert instructors to training videos and online classes, Swagelok training equips your team to work safer and smarter. 


Tube Fitting Installation Training

A comprehensive understanding of the Swagelok Tube Fitting and related products. The course also instructs on installation, maintenance and trouble-shooting techniques to increase system efficiency and improve system safety.

Thread Identification Training

Understanding of how to correctly identify common thread forms, an awareness of pressure capabilities of the connections and of pressure injection injuries.

Tube Bending Training

A comprehensive understanding of the various methods of tube bending. Utilizing the Swagelok Hand Tube Bender complete a variety of exercises on difference planes using offset calculations.

Tube Fitting Installation Inspection Training

A comprehensive knowledge to identify potential issues within a fluid system. You will be able to identify the most common errors that lead to tube fitting leakage including mix component fittings, tube bending defects and damaged threads due to cross-threading or over-tightening.

Orbital Welding Essential Training

A comprehensive understanding of the Swagelok M200 power supply and related products. To instruct on set-up, operation and purging. Understand how to address maintenance and trouble-shooting techniques to increase user awareness, efficiency and improve production.

Download a copy of our Swagelok Certified Training brochure for more information or printing.