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M.J. Bangkok Valve and Fitting Co., Ltd

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center in Thailand l Myanmar l Laos

Our Services

Rely on local experts for help diagnosing a problem, designing a solution, or training your workforce.

Swagelok Services

Swagelok field engineer

Field Engineering

Swagelok field engineering stands ready to work with you to solve you problem and develop the best solutions for your fluid system.

Swagelok leak detection services

Onsite Services

Boost system safety, performance, and efficiency with prioritized, actionable recommendations from Swagelok experts based on fluid and sampling system site surveys, hose advisors' observations, or steam system audits

Swagelok design and assembly services

Design & Assembly Services

If you’re short on manpower, Swagelok can provide an extra set of hands by fabricating your fluid system assemblies for you.

Swagelok training essentials tube bending

Tube Fitting Safety Installation Training

Twoday comprehensive, hands-on training emphasizes choosing correct tubing and fittings for the site, proper handling, preparing, and installing components to specification

Tony Waters Industrial Sampling Systems textbook

Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) Training

Gain a high-level understanding of sampling systems while designing and building an optimized system that delivers timely, accurate result

Swagelok steam system audit services

Stream Evaluation and Advisory Services (SEA)

Learn to properly design, operate, and maintain a steam system for improved energy efficiency, productivity, and safety, as well as reduced emissions.