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Process and Analytical Instrumentation

Process and Analytical Instrumentation

The quality of your data is dependent on the quality of the input to the measuring device.

When you need precise control, Swagelok Process Instrumentation components

are integral—from tap to transmitter. From the ease of installation of the process

interface valve to the leak-tight connections to the integrity of the manifold,

Swagelok can help you fine-tune and optimize your process instrumentation loop.

Process Instrumentation

Process Instrumentation measures the physical state of the process (Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow) and is the fundamental input used in process measurement and control systems. The accuracy and reliability of Process Instrumentation has a direct and critical input on the quality, efficiency and safety of the plant.

Swagelok products are used in many applications to control and isolate process fluids which are measured by process instrumentation.

Process instrumentation brochure


Analytical Instrumentation

Analytical Instrumentation (AI) solutions extract and condition samples from the process pipe to ensure the analyzer receives samples that are at the correct temperature and pressure. Our Analytical Instrumentation solutions include the following application areas: Sample Extraction, Pre-Conditioning, Conditioning, Calibration & Switching, Return, and Grab Sampling.



Tony Waters Industrial Sampling Systems textbook

Industrial Sampling Systems Textbook-Tony Waters

Sampling systems expert Tony Waters and Swagelok have created a comprehensive reference covering the engineering involved with designing and operating a sampling system for a process analyzer.

Process analyzer sampling system training

Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) Training

Gain a high-level understanding of sampling systems while designing and building an optimized system that delivers timely, accurate results.

Swagelok smart products

Smart Products

Capture critical flow, temperature, and pressure data with a smart solution from Swagelok. The intrinsically safe(Class 1, Division 1/ATEX Zone 0 rated) Swagelok® Intelligent Control Module™ (ICM™) product* and intrinsically safe PTX

series pressure and temperature transducers make your job easier.

Process and Analytical Knowledges