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M.J. Bangkok Valve and Fitting Co., Ltd

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center in Thailand l Myanmar l Laos

Engineering Services

Rely on local experts for help diagnosing a problem, designing a solution, or training your workforce

Swagelok Engineering Services

Swagelok Engineering Services, bring our technical expertise, application experience, and industry knowledge to you

Swagelok® Engineering Services are designed to connect you with the technical expertise you need to overcome your fluid system challenges. These services were developed to support a wide range of industries, applications and focus on helping you achieve the fluid system safety and reliability.


Swagelok Thailand, we have dedicated a team of Engineering Services to support you in all areas from:

Our Local Capabilities

For more information about our Service or contact to our Engineering Services Team send an email to or live chat with us via line @swagelokthailand