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 Changes to Swagelok's Push-on PB Series Rubber Hose End Connections and Supplier

As a part of our effort to provide exceptional service to our customers and to facilitate the packaging of PB series hose and end connections, two changes are being made to the product line.

First, Swagelok is making a design improvement on the end connections that will eliminate the finishing cap. This change will allow for bulk packaging, eliminating the need to cut open individual bags by you or your customer, and provide a cleaner visual appearance.

Second, we are moving the bulk hose product to a new supplier which will keep product costs stable. The new supplier is already used for other Swagelok products. Product ratings will be unchanged as the new supplier will meet the same performance requirements.   Swagelok has validated both bulk hose suppliers for both end connection designs to ensure there is no concern for intermix between designs or suppliers during the transition of existing inventory.  Any inventory at your site does not need to be discarded.  

These changes will go into effect no earlier than July 1st, 2019. Following that date, there will be a transition period where both end connection designs may be received in orders as existing inventory is depleted