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M.J. Bangkok Valve and Fitting Co., Ltd

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center in Thailand l Myanmar l Laos

Onsite Services

Swagelok offer a range of onsite Fluid System Evaluation and Advisory Services aimed to increase our customer’s system safety and operational efficiency

Onsite Services

Swagelok offer a range of onsite fluid system evaluation and advisory services aimed to increase our customer’s system safety and improve operational efficiency. Our Onsite Technical Services Engineer can visit your facility to diagnose your fluid system or process and analytical instrumentation issues. Our detailed report can help you to have a properly planned managed and control your maintenance or Shutdown/Turnaround to reduce budget overruns and schedule delay


Three different scope of services available:

1. Fluid System Evaluation and Advisory Services (FSEAS) – Full Onsite Inspection Services

2. Hose Advisory Services (HAS)

3. Energy Saving Program (ESP)

1. Fluid System Evaluation and Advisory Services (FSEAS)

Fluid System Evaluation and Advisory Services (FSEAS)  is a full Onsite Inspection Services. Our Onsite Technical Services Engineer will visit your facility to evaluate your fluid system including identify leak, installation error, corrosions and advise on installation practices


Leakage is identify using liquid leak solution and ultrasonic gun

Improper Installation

Improper Installation  and potential failure point identification for example under/overtight, wrong direction ferrule, non-deburred tube, mixing of different material and size will be identify using visual inspection and special inspection gauge 


Corrosion issue identify by measuring the surface’s thickness

2 Hose Advisory Services (HAS) 

Our Onsite Technical Services Engineer will identify the ways to enhance your hose selection, installation and discussion about maintenance procedures to improve hose life and performance. When our Onsite Services Engineer visit your facility, we will discuss of your facility's goal and then; 


1. Onsite visual analysis for all hose systems, including installation, placement and root line within the facility 

2. After visual analysis, you will get a detailed report of overall finding with suggestions

In case that you might need a potential replacement, Our Onsite Technical Services Engineer will suggest on hose options that fit for your particular application

3 Energy Saving Program (ESP) 

ESP is a service program help to determine leakage location and identify area of improvement which aim to lower an emission, reduce energy cost and increase facility safety


Our Onsite Services Engineer will visit your facility to identify leak for all your liquid and gaseous small bore tube system. After the survey, you will get a detailed report of overall leakage with tagging and location, quantify volume of leakage and improvement suggestions for installation at your facility


How this service benefit to you? 

All poor fluid area are tagged, prioritize regarding to risk and condition based. Colored identification tags with number were used to identify system components for the report. 


Once our Onsite Service Engineer completed a survey, you will received a comprehensive report packed with photos, key issues and recommendation solutions including: 

1. Detail report of overall issue with tagging location 

2. Photos to clearly identify locations of problems 

3. Step that can be taken to fix or improve your system 

4. Concerns categorized by severity 

Our detailed report with risk-based approach can help you optimize and scope area of asset for your maintenance, shutdown or turnaround and eliminate non-essential work without decreasing safety and operational efficiency

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