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M.J. Bangkok Valve and Fitting Co., Ltd

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center in Thailand l Myanmar l Laos

Design Fabrication and Assembly Services

Swagelok-trained technicians can provide an extra set of hands by fabricating your fluid system assemblies for you

Design, Fabrication and Assembly Services

Swagelok® Custom Solutions refers to our expert capability to supply assembly and fabrication services utilizing Swagelok products and other customer-specified components into your assembly per your requirement


Swagelok® Custom Solutions can create from simple to more complex assemblies, our highly-trained Fabrication Technicians have the skills, tools, and components to design, build and test assemblies or sub-assemblies to meet your design specifications


What Swagelok Custom Solutions do to support you?


1. Design Consulting

Swagelok Thailand, we have dedicated a team of Engineering Services including Field Engineers and Application Engineer to support you from:

Advanced product selection

Application, Technical and Design Support e.g

: Analytical and Process Instrumentation systems

: Medium and High-Pressure Application

: Sampling probe design calculation

: Regulator sizing

: Guide for material corrosion and material selection


2. Detailed and Document Support 

Once the concept proposal is approved, our Engineering Service team will complete a set of Solidwork® or AutoCad® drawing of the solution for your approval

: 2D/3D CAD drawing

: P&ID and BOM (Bill of Material)

: Component selection (including sourcing the best parts from other suppliers, as needed)

: Project Document Support (as needed)


3. Build, Test and Warranty

Our Engineering Services team can build assemblies or sub-assemblies to meet your design specifications

: All assemblies are built by Swagelok Certified Technician

: All Custom Solutions assembly is tested before delivery Pressure test, leak test and helium leak test can be selected as needed

: We can perform Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to guarantee the system as needed


Basic Assembly

Basic application and assembly consist of common Swagelok fluid system components assembled to meet your application requirements

Example of basic assembly

: Ball Valve with Actuator                       : Regulator Assembly                            : Tube Bending and Pre-Swaging

: Customized Hose Assembly               : Distributor Manifold                            : Sample Cylinder Assembly

: Valve Assembly                                      : Manifold with Transmitter                 : Relief Valve Spring Set 

System Assembly

System assembly consists of multiple fluid streams, with variable pressure and phase changes requiring design, calculation and CAD capabilities. System assembly combined Swagelok fluid system and third-party components configured to meet an application needs and requirements

Example of system assembly

: Panels, Skid and Enclosures           : Mechanical Seal Plan (MEP)                  : Gas Distribution Panel (GDP)

: Grab Sampling Panel (GSS)            : Sampling Conditioning System            : Stream and Water Analysis System (SWAS)

: Analyzer house and shelter            : Control Panel                                            : etc. 

Swagelok Thailand, we can satisfy your requirements for complete turnkey solutions, our knowledgeable Engineering Services are available to mee you onsite to assist with design and system layout

Standard configuration assembly

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